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Specializing in Malibu and Colonial style, Tempered Glass, Belmont, Vintage and custom railings for your home.

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Form A Decking has a double seal and a interior drain system. Form A Deck is a high quality PVC deck board.

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Specializing in Ornamental, Picket, Privacy, Semi Private, Neighbour Friendly, and Rail Fences for your home.

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FORM-A-FENCE designs custom fit and measured to your specifications maintenance free vinyl products in four amazing colours. 

Vinyl (PVC) Fencing, Railing, Decking, Arbours, Gazebos and Garden Accessories are taking over rapidly for very good reason. Do you remember the days of painting a wood picket fence? Well, if you have; you will never want to paint again! Country Estate was the first company to offer a complete line of vinyl backyard products. Vinyl Fences, Railings, Decks, Gazebos and Arbours are available in up to 4 beautiful colours to enhance any home and garden. You have the choice of having it installed professionally by us, or it comes in a kit with full instructions for the do-it-yourself customer. 

Country Estate vinyl products have a 50 year non pro-rated warranty; non pro-rated means the service last from day one to the last day. 

When you buy a quality product it shows you care about your home. Just think!! You could sit back and enjoy a beautiful maintenance free gazebo, on your maintenance free deck, with a maintenance free fence surrounding your home! 


Country Estate Vinyl product is LEAD FREE!!!  

Vinyl/PVC You Can Trust. In recent past  articles about recalls involving products made in China that contain lead.  First came the recall of 500,000pcs., of children’s plastics jewellery that contained unsafe amount of lead, next came the recall of 1.5 million toy trains and sets coated with lead paint then, the recall of 300,000 name brand toys which was later expanded to include 253,000 more toys also made with lead paint. 

These recalls should make consumers carefully consider the safety of the products they purchase, including their vinyl fences & railings.  In countries outside of North America, it is not uncommon for lead to be used as a stabilizer in PVC compounds because it is cheaper and easier to process than the high-quality, safe alternatives.  It is up to the manufacturers of vinyl products to police themselves and follow ethical business practices to keep lead out of their products. The manufacturer of Country Estate vinyl product, feels that consumers should not have to worry about harmful lead hidden in PVC products and is proud to be able to state that they never have an never will use lead as a stabilizer in their vinyl products.