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Monday - Friday 8 am - 4 pm
Saturday  By chance or by appointments.


Form-A-Fence designs maintenance-free vinyl products in five amazing colours.

Everything we install and sell is measured to fit exactly your specifications.

Form-A-Fence Fences Decks Railings Patios Gazebos Pergolas

Vinyl (PVC) Fencing, Railing, Decking, Arbours, Gazebos and Garden Accessories are taking over rapidly for very good reason. Do you remember the days of painting a wood picket fence? Well if you do, you will never want to paint again!


Country Estate was the first company to offer a complete line of vinyl backyard products. Vinyl Fences, Railings, Decks, Gazebos and Arbours are available in up to four beautiful colours (white, almond, gray, clay and black) to enhance any home and garden. You have the choice of having it installed professionally by us, or it comes in a kit with full instructions for the do-it-yourself customer.

Country Estate vinyl products have a 50 year non pro-rated warranty; non pro-rated means the service last from day one to the last day. 

When you buy a quality product it shows you care about your home. Just think: you could sit back and enjoy a beautiful maintenance free gazebo, on your maintenance free deck, with a maintenance free fence surrounding your home!

Country Estate Vinyl products are LEAD FREE!

We supply Vinyl/PVC products that you can trust.

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